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In the highly competitive world of Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology you need the most talented people working for your Regulatory Affairs division.

You want to fill your vacancies quickly, selecting from a pool of suitable candidates who fit perfectly within the organisation.

If you are a candidate, you will want to be alerted only to roles that truly match your skills and suit your career ambitions.

This is where Turner Regulatory Recruitment provides the solution, thanks to our unparalleled knowledge of Regulatory Affairs and our access to an unprecedented number of exceptional candidates.

We have worked for 15 years as recruiters and headhunters, specialising solely in sourcing and placing candidates in Regulatory Affairs positions for the Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology sectors, throughout the UK, Continental Europe and beyond.
Our service is highly cost-effective – we provide a headhunting solution for a contingency fee.

Please get in touch to talk to us about fulfilling your Regulatory Affairs recruitment needs.

  • 85% Positions Filled
  • 15+ Years Regulatory
    Recruitment Experience
  • 600+ Successful Candidate

Our Clients

We are happy to represent clients from the UK, Continental Europe, the Middle East and Internationally.

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotech/Biopharma companies
  • Vaccines companies
  • Generics companies
  • Advanced Therapy (ADTHER)
  • CRO’s
  • Contract manufacturers
  • SME’s
  • Regulatory Consultancies
  • Start-ups
  • OTC/Consumer Care companies
  • Medical Device companies
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Disappointed with the service from existing Regulatory Recruiters?
Dissatisfied with the level of Consultant you are obliged to deal with?
Feel that your Consultant is inexperienced and doesn’t care?

If this resonates with you, by perusing this website, you have taken the first step to finding a solution to your recruitment problems. Turner Regulatory respects candidates as being one of the most vitally important elements in any recruitment campaign; after all, it’s your career at stake, so the right decision must be made on your future.

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We Specialise In

  • Pharmaceutical

    We are highly experienced in Regulatory Recruitment for Pharmaceutical Companies, having successfully transacted recruitment campaigns for such companies over the past 15 years. We appreciate differing corporate cultures and the best professional and personal fits appropriate for your organisation.

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  • Biotechnology

    This sector is a particular speciality of TRR. We deal with large Biotech’s all the way through to small SME’s and Start-ups, understanding how crucial senior Regulatory hires can be to these companies. We have a significant track-record in this sector and are always interested in appreciating how a key hire can impact on the bottom line of an emerging organisation.

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  • Advanced Therapy (ADTHER)

    This relatively new sector is growing apace, but it is important to know all the companies operating in this space in order to approach the candidates with the appropriate Product experience – TRR is uniquely represented in this area.

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  • Vaccines

    We like to think we are pre-eminent in this sector, as is borne-out by past and recent placements to a very senior level. Significantly, all the placements are still successfully operating in their respective positions and are enjoying the day-to-day challenges of their roles.

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  • Start-ups and SME’s

    Possessing Investment Banking contacts, TRR is well-positioned to assist any Start-up or SME with their expansionary plans involving Regulatory Recruitment. Again, we understand that the first key hire in Regulatory Affairs is invariably the most important, especially with a Global or Overseas expansionary context.

    Start-ups and SME’s Get In Touch
  • Generics/OTC

    TRR is the most experienced Regulatory Recruiter in this sector, having operated with all the top companies over the past 15 years. Recent successes have recently included a Head of Regulatory Affairs for a Generics Company in a challenging location.

    Generics/OTC Get In Touch
  • CRO’s

    We appreciate the benefits of employment at a CRO. We understand how Regulatory Affairs Staff within CRO’s operate under pressure to strict deadlines and other commercial constraints, but also understand how joining a CRO can substantially enhance your Regulatory experience and make you more well-rounded.

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  • Consultancies

    Understanding the nature of Consultancies in terms of winning contacts and fulfilling clients’ needs by employing the right Regulatory Staff, TRR have a long association with most of the major Consultancies – we understand the nature of your business.

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Some Of Our Feedback

  • A fast-growing Biotech Company were struggling to find a Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs and having engaged a major Executive Search firm in the USA had spent over 1 year looking for the right candidate without success. Within 8 weeks of requesting my help, we provided the company with 12 candidates, from which the ideal candidate was selected, who, over two years on, is still successfully operating within this role.

  • A leading Biopharma Company were looking for an Associate Director, Regulatory Strategy Team Lead for Emerging Markets, but had thus far failed to secure the right candidate. In fact, after 6 months of trying they’d only been able to secure an interview with one, less than ideal, candidate. Within 30 days of working with myself, a very suitable candidate was identified and started working for the company within 3 months. We provided the Biopharma Company with 11 excellent candidates to choose from.

  • A Pharmaceutical Company contacted me to find their new Head of Regulatory Affairs, to be based in a challenging location. Within 60 days of approaching me, after an intercontinental recruitment campaign, 6 candidates were identified and delivered. A suitable candidate was chosen and placed. The Company expressed their gratitude for having exceeded their expectations.

  • A newly created Vaccines organisation tasked Turner Regulatory Recruitment with finding a Head of Region, Senior Director, EU Regulatory Affairs. At the time, there were a number of Biotech/Vaccines companies seeking to fill similar positions; however, in spite of these challenging market conditions 13 candidates were identified and put forward from the ensuing short-listing process, one particular candidate was chosen, offered and accepted; this candidate is still happily in situ.

  • A well-established and commercially successful Biotech Company was having trouble in sourcing a Senior Director Regulatory CMC with a European/EMEA focus for their London Office. This organisation had been seeking to fill this role using numerous Agencies/Head-hunters for well over 6 months without success. Turner Regulatory Recruitment took a fresh and targeted approach to the role, identifying and delivering 8 excellent candidates. From the following interviewing process, not 1, but 2 candidates were offered, and both accepted.